Consumer Opt-Out

Thank you. Your information has been submitted and will be processed in accordance with our consumer privacy policy.

You can choose to opt out of TruSignal Audiences by submitting an Opt-Out Request Form below.

In order for us to process this Opt-Out Request, we will need additional information from you. The information you provide will be used to search our databases to determine what data, if any, is associated with your PII. In order for TruSignal to sustain your opt out status, we will need to retain the information you provide under your Opt-Out Request. This information will be used only to identify your opt out status and to prevent your non-PII related information from being provided in our Audience(s).

Upon receipt of your Opt Out Request we will discontinue the use of your information in our Audiences.

Please be advised that your opt out status as described herein will apply only to the information as submitted on your Opt Out Request (for example, prior addresses or nicknames may not be recognized). In the event your information changes (i.e. change in address, name change), your opt out status may not apply to the information you changed. In these cases, you can submit a new Opt-Out Request.

Also note that initiating an Opt-Out Request may not prevent the use of your information under situations where Audiences have already been delivered. Opt Out Requests will be processed as soon as commercially reasonable.

Any Opt-Out Requests that are not properly submitted or contain incomplete information cannot be processed.

Consumer Opt-Out Request Form

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Notices concerning this Consumer Opt Out can be directed to TruSignal, Inc., Attn: Compliance, 25 6th Ave N, St. Cloud, MN 56303.

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